It’s been a busy week and the music for the concert is sounding great. There will be three more busy rehearsal days before we relax a bit leading into the holidays. Please check the schedule below, and make sure that students are aware of which days they have band rehearsals. Thank you, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday evening!

Monday, Dec. 5

Grade 9 early AM Band 

Period 4:  Sing-Along Rehearsal in the band room (for students who volunteered and practiced with Mrs. Campbell on Friday)

Tuesday, Dec. 6

Grade 7 early AM Band

Wednesday, Dec. 7 (CONCERT DAY)

Grade 8 early AM Band 

Period 3:  Grade 9 run-through in the band room

1:00-1:30:  Jazz Band will set up all of the band equipment in the gym and do a sound check

1:30-2:00:  Grade 7 run through in the gym

2:00-3:00:  Gym will be set up for the concert (chairs, sound, AV, etc.) 

3:00-4:00:  Jazz Band final run through

6:30:  Students arrive for concert


Grade 9 AM Early AM Band

Early am band is canceled this morning due to the one hour delay, so we will go ahead with our Friday morning rehearsal. It’s really important that all students attend rehearsal tomorrow as we make our final preparations for the concert on Wednesday.

*A group of Grade 8 band students have volunteered to cover the breakfast program shifts on Friday so that all grade 9’s can attend band practice. Thank you to John Doucette for being so accommodating!

Band News and Schedule Changes

Thank you for supporting the Recipes in Jars fundraiser! The students sold 540 jars which will also result in a donation of 540 meals for the food bank. The orders will be delivered in about a week, and I will ask for a few parent volunteers to help sort the orders once I am notified of the exact shipping date and time. Thank you!

Also, a friendly reminder that all band fees ($25) were due on Friday, Nov. 25th. Band fees can be paid by e-transfer, cash or cheque.

We have a very busy week of Christmas concert rehearsals coming up! Please note that early morning rehearsals have been added on Monday and Friday to make up for the practices I had to cancel last week. I apologize for any inconvenience this may create, but I do want to make sure that all of the students feel confident and prepared for the Christmas concert on December 7th.

Monday, Nov. 28: Grade 8 early am Band 

Tuesday, Nov. 29: Grade 7 early am Band

Wednesday, Nov. 30:  Grade 8 Band early am band/ Jazz Band from 3:15-4:30

Thursday, Dec. 1: Grade 9 Band early am band 

Friday, Dec. 2: Grade 9 Band early am band

Have a great weekend, and I hope that you are hearing lots of Christmas band music at home these days 🎄🎶

Rehearsals tomorrow

Unfortunately, I have lost my voice. You can ask the students about what a quiet day they had in the band room today! Grade 8 early morning band is canceled and will be rescheduled to an early morning band rehearsal on Monday. Jazz band after school tomorrow is also canceled and will be rescheduled; date to be decided.

Grade 8 students and Jazz Band students have received their Christmas concert music and are asked to please practice their individual parts before the next full band rehearsals. Thank you!

Band Schedule for this week

Tuesday, Nov. 22:  Grade 7 am band 

Wednesday, Nov. 23:  Grade 8 am band, Jazz band after school (3:15-4:30) 

Thursday, Nov. 24:  Grade 9 am band 

The Christmas concert is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7th, and we are working on a whole new set of Christmas tunes! Every band practice is very important at this time of the year, and I appreciate your continued support in ensuring that your children attend all scheduled rehearsals over the next 2.5 (yikes) weeks!

Schedule Change

I will be in Summerside for a curriculum meeting tomorrow, so just a reminder that early morning band for grade 8 is canceled. There will be an early morning grade 9 band rehearsal on Thursday as usual.

A short Jazz Band rehearsal will be held at 12:30 pm on Thursday to distribute and play through our new Christmas tune. Having the rehearsal on Friday morning did not work for grade 9’s due to breakfast program commitments.

Students interested in participating in the grade 9 provincial honour band will receive information about the program on Thursday at early morning band.

Recipes in Jars Update

Thank you for all of the sales so far. We are now up to 334 jars sold online and a few paper order forms have also been submitted.

Here is the online sales breakdown by grade level:

Grade 7 (55 students): 18 participants

Grade 8 (63 students): 16 participants

Grade 9 (43 students): 13 participants

We are going to keep the online store open for two more days.

It would be great to see a few more students in each class make a contribution to extra-curricular fundraising before we close the store! Thank you 🙂