May 3rd-7th

The bands will follow the regular rehearsal schedule next week:

Tuesday, May 4th: Grade 7 Early AM Band

Wednesday, May 5th: Grade 8 Early AM Band and Jazz Band from 3:15-4:15 pm

Thursday, May 6th: Grade 9 Early AM Band

*EWS Band program application forms have been sent to Eliot River, Central Queens and Englewood. If you know of any grade 6 students who are interested in applying to be in the grade 7 band program next year, please let them know that the application form link has been e-mailed to parents by the administration at each elementary school. PDF (printable) copies of the application form are also available.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

EWS Spring Concert

  • Hi everyone

The band students and I are very excited to share our spring concert with you today. An e-mail with a link to the concert has been sent to you through SAS. Students also have access to the link in their Google Classrooms.

The theme of the concert was TV and Movie Themes, and I know you will recognize most of these classic tunes!

Thank you to Isaac Williams for providing the audio and video recordings and thank you to Eithne Brydon for writing and presenting the introduction to the grade 9 performance of Dark Ride.

Enjoy the show!

Band Rehearsals: April 26-30

Tuesday: Gr. 7 Early morning band for brass players only. Mr. Nabuurs is coming in to do a brass clinic so please arrive on time (please be in the band area by 7:45 am). Woodwind players do not have to attend early morning band rehearsal this Tuesday.

Grade 8 percussionists are asked to come to the band room for a rehearsal at lunch (12:25-12:55 pm) on Tuesday.

Wednesday: Gr. 8 Early morning band is on, Jazz Band after school is canceled.

Thursday: Gr. 9 Early morning band

The band room is open on Days 1 and 4 at lunch for students who wish to practice. Please see Mrs. Peters if you’d like to schedule after school extra help this week.

The concert video we recorded on April 15th is still being edited. We are looking forward to sharing our spring concert with you very soon!

Band Concert Recording

The grade 7, 8 and 9 band students will be recording a spring concert in the gym on Thursday morning.  The concert link will be shared with students, parents and teachers next week.

Students are reminded to bring their band instruments, music, and uniforms on Thursday morning and to come prepared to change into uniforms quickly (wear black pants and white shirts to school if possible).

We aren’t sure exactly how long it will take to record each group, especially with sanitizing in between sessions, so we will call each band to the gym as soon as we are ready for them.  The approximate times are listed below. 

Approximate Recording Times

7:45-8:45:   Grade 9 Band (extra time for set-up)

9:00-9:45:  Grade 8 Band

9:45-10:30:  Grade 7 Band

10:30-11:15:  Jazz Band

April 6th Band News

We are headed into a short but busy week for the EWS band students. Students are reminded to bring band instruments and music on Friday. Uniforms are not required. Mr Nabuurs, Mr. Fitzgerald and Mr. MacDonald are really looking forward to working with the students and I hope it will be a fun learning experience for everyone.

Here is our rehearsal schedule for this week:

Tuesday, April 6: Grade 7 Early AM Band

Wednesday, April 7: Grade 8 Early AM Band, Jazz Band from 3:15-4:15pm

Thursday, April 8: Grade 9 Early AM Band

*Extra help after school from 3:15-4:00 pm (Please let Mrs. Peters know in advance if you are staying)

Friday, April 9: EWS Band Day:

Early AM Band for Grade 8 BRASS only

Period 1: Grade 9 Brass workshop

Period 2: Grade 8 Woodwind workshop

Period 3: Grade 9 Woodwind workshop

Period 4: Grade 9 Percussion workshop

Period 5: Grade 8 Percussion workshop

All participants will receive an ice cream treat during the day. Please see Mrs. Peters before Friday if you have any food allergies. Thanks!