Concert Information

Hi everyone!

The students are working hard to prepare the music for our final performance of the year, and we are all very excited to share the music with you LIVE on Tuesday! Please find below the information we have been asked to share from our operational plan, as well as the guest sign-in and pre-screening form. It looks like a lot, but we are all pretty familiar with COVID protocols at this point so I’m sure that it will go smoothly.  Please check this document in advance to make sure you know which door to enter when you arrive. 

Information for students:

Students are asked to arrive 20 minutes prior to their grade level concert and will enter the building through the same doors that their guests are using (see below). Students will pick up their instruments, assemble them, and then proceed directly to the gym to warm-up.  Students will exit through the band room doors following the concert and will walk around to meet parents in the parking lot.

Information for guests:

  • Audience members will register and pre-screen with a check list prior to arriving and will check in at the door. The Google sign-in form to register your guests, and to complete the pre-screening questions can be accessed by clicking on the link below. Guests must be registered by Friday, June 11th at 5:00 p.m. so that we can ensure that our total numbers do not exceed 150 and so that we have enough time to organize the check-in procedure at the doors. Your cooperation with meeting this deadline will be greatly appreciated.

LINK: Guest Sign-up and Pre-screening Questions

  • Audience members from different households are asked to physically distance in bleachers.
  • There is no access to washroom facilities, but hand sanitizer will be available on the way into the gymnasium.
  • Guests may not mix and are asked to leave through their designated exit immediately following the concert and wait for students outside.

Guest cohorts will line up outside and will be allowed to enter the building 5 minutes prior to the beginning of each concert. 

 Grade 7

 Cohort 1: Guests of 7B and 7H  (West gym door) 

Cohort 2: Guests of 7A  (Main door) 

 Grade 8

 Cohort 1: Guests of 8E (West gym door) 

 Cohort 2:  Guests of 8C and 8F (Main door)  

Grade 9

 Cohort 1: Guests of 9AG  (West gym door)

 Cohort 2: Guests of 9D (Main door) 

All guests must leave through the same door that they entered immediately following the show.

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday night!

*A reminder of concert times:

Grade 7: 6:00 pm
Grade 8: 7:00 pm
Jazz Band: 7:45 pm (more details will be provided for jazz band parents)
Grade 9: 8:00 pm