Congratulations to all of the band students on their excellent performances at the concert on Tuesday evening.  I was very proud of each performing group, and it was a pleasure to share all of the music we have been working on with such an appreciative audience.

Thank you to Andrew MacAdam, Jaime Cole, Kara Smith, and Angela Griffiths for their support throughout the evening, and thank you to everyone who attended for your cooperation with all of the extra rules and guidelines.

A few housekeeping notes:

Students are reminded to please continue to bring instruments, books, and sheet music to band classes until the end of the school year so that we can continue to play, and so that we can complete the necessary instrument and book inventory updates for the summer.

Grade 9 band students are asked to return their vests by Friday. Grade 9 instruments and books are being handed in and checked off during band classes this week. Grade 7 and 8 students should keep their uniforms and instruments at home over the summer.

Thank you!

Just a final reminder!

Hi everyone,

Here is the planned schedule for the concert tonight. I have never done three concerts in one evening under pandemic protocols, so the times may not be exact!  I will appreciate your understanding tonight as we do our best to make it work.

What I know for sure is that the band students have worked very hard all year and they are very excited to share their music with you.

See you tonight!

*Designated doors for each class can be found on the June 9th blog post.

Tuesday Timeline

5:40:  Grade 7 students arrive 

5:55:  Grade 7 guests sign in at their designated door and enter the gym 

6:00: Grade 7 Concert begins 

6:40: Grade 8 students arrive

6:55:  Grade 8 guests sign in at their designated door and enter the gym 

7:00:  Grade 8 Concert begins 

7:30:  Jazz Band members arrive, set-up and enter the gym

7:40:  Parents of Jazz Band Members enter through the main doors, sign in and enter gym 

7:40:  Grade 9 Band students arrive, set-up instruments, and will move to the gym as soon as the Jazz Band concert is over (approximately 7:55pm)

7:45: Jazz Band Concert begins

7:55:  Grade 9 guests sign in and enter the gym

8:00:  Grade 9 concert begins 

Concert Form confirmation email

A confirmation email for the concert guest sign -up form was sent out yesterday to those who submitted the form. I have been told that it landed in some people’s spam or junk mail folders. This might be because it was sent to 164 people. Please check these folders if you registered your guests and didn’t get a message from me yesterday.

Thank you!

Final Early AM Band Rehearsal on Monday (Gr. 9 and Jazz Band)

There will be one final early morning band rehearsal (Grade 9 band and Jazz band only) on Monday morning (June 14th). Attendance is really important as we will be doing a final run-through of all of our pieces for the concert. The rehearsal will run as follows:

7:45 am: Students set up the gym

7:55-8:20 am: Grade 9 Band run-through

8:25-8:45 am: Jazz Band run-through

Grade 7’s and 8’s had their final early morning rehearsals for this year last week and will not have an early morning rehearsal next week or the following week.

Thank you for your support in ensuring that your child attended early morning and after school band rehearsals throughout the year!

All students who have “home” instruments must return them to Mrs. Peters in the band room by Friday, June 18th. Students must bring instruments, books, and music to every band class until the end of the year. We will be playing, as well as updating the instrument and book inventory, during our final classes and students need to come prepared for class until the last day.

Thank you and have a great weekend,


Concert Information

Hi everyone!

The students are working hard to prepare the music for our final performance of the year, and we are all very excited to share the music with you LIVE on Tuesday! Please find below the information we have been asked to share from our operational plan, as well as the guest sign-in and pre-screening form. It looks like a lot, but we are all pretty familiar with COVID protocols at this point so I’m sure that it will go smoothly.  Please check this document in advance to make sure you know which door to enter when you arrive. 

Information for students:

Students are asked to arrive 20 minutes prior to their grade level concert and will enter the building through the same doors that their guests are using (see below). Students will pick up their instruments, assemble them, and then proceed directly to the gym to warm-up.  Students will exit through the band room doors following the concert and will walk around to meet parents in the parking lot.

Information for guests:

  • Audience members will register and pre-screen with a check list prior to arriving and will check in at the door. The Google sign-in form to register your guests, and to complete the pre-screening questions can be accessed by clicking on the link below. Guests must be registered by Friday, June 11th at 5:00 p.m. so that we can ensure that our total numbers do not exceed 150 and so that we have enough time to organize the check-in procedure at the doors. Your cooperation with meeting this deadline will be greatly appreciated.

LINK: Guest Sign-up and Pre-screening Questions

  • Audience members from different households are asked to physically distance in bleachers.
  • There is no access to washroom facilities, but hand sanitizer will be available on the way into the gymnasium.
  • Guests may not mix and are asked to leave through their designated exit immediately following the concert and wait for students outside.

Guest cohorts will line up outside and will be allowed to enter the building 5 minutes prior to the beginning of each concert. 

 Grade 7

 Cohort 1: Guests of 7B and 7H  (West gym door) 

Cohort 2: Guests of 7A  (Main door) 

 Grade 8

 Cohort 1: Guests of 8E (West gym door) 

 Cohort 2:  Guests of 8C and 8F (Main door)  

Grade 9

 Cohort 1: Guests of 9AG  (West gym door)

 Cohort 2: Guests of 9D (Main door) 

All guests must leave through the same door that they entered immediately following the show.

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday night!

*A reminder of concert times:

Grade 7: 6:00 pm
Grade 8: 7:00 pm
Jazz Band: 7:45 pm (more details will be provided for jazz band parents)
Grade 9: 8:00 pm

Grade 9 Field Trip Update

The grade 9 field trip to Confederation Centre is coming up on Wednesday and, as promised, here are a few more details:

1. Students will travel by bus to Confederation Centre and will be asked to stay with their class cohorts throughout the afternoon.

2. Mrs. Cole and I will be the teacher chaperones.

3. The show is 1 hr and 6 minutes in length starting at 2.00 pm with door opening at 1:30 pm. 

4. Note from the director of guest service: “There is no intermission. The washrooms in the lobby are now All Gender and we are limited to only 7 stalls and 1 accessible. It would be great to have students use the washroom prior to arrival as much as possible as line ups can form quickly . However, that being said , of course they will have access to washrooms after they enter the theatre if need be.”

5. Parents should plan to pick students up by 3:15 p.m. at the Confederation Centre of the Arts. After the show, the students will be exiting the theatre through the colored doors on  the upper plaza which is on the corner of Queen and Grafton.  Parents can pick students up after the show on the upper plaza  

6. Students who have permission to walk to another location for pick-up must provide a note on Wednesday, or parents can e-mail me at no later than Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. to let me know that permission has been given.

Thank you for your support. The show is said to be moving and educational, and I hope that the students have a positive experience. 

Click below to watch a 5 minute CBC video that provides some background on the true story that inspired “Between Breaths”.

CBC Newfoundland: Between Breath

June 7-11 Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals this Week

In preparation for the final concert of the year on Tuesday, June 15th, we will follow the regular early morning rehearsal schedule this week.

Tuesday, June 8th: Grade 7 Early AM Band

Wednesday, June 9th: Grade 8 Early AM Band

Thursday, June 10th: Grade 9 Early AM Band

*I will be with the grade 9’s at the play on Wednesday afternoon, so Jazz Band will be rescheduled to Thursday (Day 4) from 12:25-12:55 p.m.