I’ve received a few emails about this so I thought I’d send a quick note to let you know that grade 7 students do not need to bring their instruments to school on the first day. Grade 8 and 9 students are asked to bring their instruments back to school on Wednesday if possible. Thanks!

September News

It was fantastic to meet so many East Wiltshire grade 7 students at band camp, and I am really looking forward to seeing all of the grade 8 and 9 band students next week!

Please find below some information to help us all get the year off to a great start.


My school email address is I do not check the Google Classroom address ( on a daily basis, so please use the primary email address.

Please check the band page regularly for news: .  I would recommend that you follow the blog by adding your e-mail address on the home page. This will allow you to receive e-mail notifications when new posts are added. There is also a link to the band blog on the main East Wiltshire School blog (Click on the Band News link at the top of the page).

Google classroom is another tool that students will be using again this year to support their learning in the band program.  Every band class will have their own Google Classroom and every student will be given a code to join their classroom during their first band class of the year.  Assignments, due dates, and learning resources will be posted regularly in Google Classroom. 

Band Rehearsals

Please find below the tentative weekly early morning  band rehearsal schedule for 2020-21. 

Tuesdays:  Grade 7 early morning band (Beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 21st)

Wednesdays: Grade 8 early morning band (Beginning on Wednesday, September 15th)

Thursdays:  Grade 9 early morning band (Beginning on Thursday, September 16th)

Jazz band: To be announced

Students are asked to be in the band room ready to play at 7:45 a.m. on early am band days. The main doors to the school will be open at 7:30 a.m. 

Should it be necessary to make any changes to the rehearsal schedule, students will be informed, and updates will be posted here on the band blog.

Thank you for your past and future support in providing transportation for your children to early morning band classes!

School Supplies for Band Classes

Students are asked to please bring the following supplies to band classes.

-a pencil

-a ½ inch or 1 inch binder (black if possible)

Optional, but useful:

-10 protective plastic sleeves (for 3 ring binders)

-a music stand to facilitate home practice

Band Fees

We will be collecting a $25 band fee from each student again this year to cover the cost of band supplies (reeds, valve oil, cork and slide grease, etc.). Please do not include this fee with the September school fees.  I know that September is an expensive month so the band fee will be collected in November at the end of the first reporting period. 


Cleaning protocols for each instrument will be reviewed with students in September. Students will be asked to adhere to current safety guidelines by not touching other instruments in the band area and by following the current guidelines for cleaning their own instruments.

Students are responsible for the care and maintenance of their instruments throughout the year.

Early Morning Band Cancellation Policy

There may be times when I have to cancel or reschedule extracurricular practices. I will always give you as much notice as I can when this happens.

Should a rehearsal be canceled, an announcement will be made at school the day before if possible. If I have to cancel in the morning, an announcement will be posted on the band blog and in Google Classroom by 6:30 a.m. and a group e-mail will also be sent. Please ensure that there are no school cancellations or delays before leaving for band practice. School cancellations and delays which affect East Wiltshire will result in the automatic cancellation of early morning band rehearsals.  

Band Concerts

Participation in band concerts is a highlight of the band experience, and attendance at scheduled performances is a required element of the East Wiltshire band program; please note concert dates as they are provided, and mark them in your calendars. If conflicts arise, please contact me in advance and we will work it out together.

I am looking forward to a great year with the East Wiltshire band students!

2021 Beginner Band Camp

I hope everyone is having a great summer! I just wanted to send out a reminder that this year’s beginners only band camp will be held next week (Monday, August 23rd to Friday, August 27th) from 9:00 am – 11:30 am at Colonel Gray Senior High.

Please visit the Band Camp website for up-to-date information:

Instrument assignments for band camp are listed below. Please note that everyone was accomodated this year with their first or second instrument choice. Changes to instrument selections cannot, unfortunately, be made for band camp. I encourage students to keep an open mind, be prepared for new challenges, make new friends, and to have fun learning to play a new instrument next week!

Band Camper’s First NameBand Camper’s Last NameInstrumentSchool
EwanCampbellBaritoneEast Wiltshire
PatrickCaseyBaritoneEast Wiltshire
CadenMacAuslandBaritoneEast Wiltshire
AvaMacDonaldBaritoneEast Wiltshire
GriffithStewartBaritoneEast Wiltshire
LilaArsenaultClarinetEast Wiltshire
AvaCarterClarinetEast Wiltshire
SamanthaCorneyClarinetEast Wiltshire
HaydenCrokenClarinetEast Wiltshire
BriarDochertyClarinetEast Wiltshire
CanaanEllsworth-ReidClarinetEast Wiltshire
JulieHandrahanClarinetEast Wiltshire
JeremyLiuClarinetEast Wiltshire
DouglasLyuClarinetEast Wiltshire
IsabellaMacKinnonClarinetEast Wiltshire
MadelineMacRaeClarinetEast Wiltshire
FionaMuiseClarinetEast Wiltshire
JanieReardonClarinetEast Wiltshire
AvaTremereClarinetEast Wiltshire
Jiarui(Jerry)ZhangClarinetEast Wiltshire
MooreaSomersClarinetEast Wiltshire
EmilyBurnleyFluteEast Wiltshire
TheresaBurtFluteEast Wiltshire
KiraCormierFluteEast Wiltshire
HopeDoddFluteEast Wiltshire
JoelleGillisFluteEast Wiltshire
RohanGormanFluteEast Wiltshire
AlexIliffeFluteEast Wiltshire
AbbyJackFluteEast Wiltshire
Lola (Viola)JohnstonFluteEast Wiltshire
TamlaK’nyawFluteEast Wiltshire
SarahKemptonFluteEast Wiltshire
GwenMacEachernFluteEast Wiltshire
CoralRattrayFluteEast Wiltshire
JaivalSejuFluteEast Wiltshire
BennettThorsteinsonFluteEast Wiltshire
AriannaGrayFrench HornEast Wiltshire
BrookeMacLeanFrench HornEast Wiltshire
JordanStewartFrench HornEast Wiltshire
BenBoyleTromboneEast Wiltshire
SethBurkeTromboneEast Wiltshire
Ana (Anastasia)MacLeodTromboneEast Wiltshire
JohnUlvstalTromboneEast Wiltshire
JaxUlvstalTromboneEast Wiltshire
AlexBoyleTrumpetEast Wiltshire
EllaBrodersenTrumpetEast Wiltshire
AldenCampbellTrumpetEast Wiltshire
DaisyDoucetteTrumpetEast Wiltshire
NoahHammill-DrewTrumpetEast Wiltshire
CamrynLingTrumpetEast Wiltshire
AbbigaleMacKinnonTrumpetEast Wiltshire
AmeliaMacQuarrieTrumpetEast Wiltshire
SimonMatthewsTrumpetEast Wiltshire
AiseOsingaTrumpetEast Wiltshire
PeytonPetersTrumpetEast Wiltshire
AshleyRossTrumpetEast Wiltshire
FreddySchurmanTrumpetEast Wiltshire
GraceSulisTrumpetEast Wiltshire
HenryBelbinTubaEast Wiltshire
BrantVanderKooiTubaEast Wiltshire


Congratulations to all of the band students on their excellent performances at the concert on Tuesday evening.  I was very proud of each performing group, and it was a pleasure to share all of the music we have been working on with such an appreciative audience.

Thank you to Andrew MacAdam, Jaime Cole, Kara Smith, and Angela Griffiths for their support throughout the evening, and thank you to everyone who attended for your cooperation with all of the extra rules and guidelines.

A few housekeeping notes:

Students are reminded to please continue to bring instruments, books, and sheet music to band classes until the end of the school year so that we can continue to play, and so that we can complete the necessary instrument and book inventory updates for the summer.

Grade 9 band students are asked to return their vests by Friday. Grade 9 instruments and books are being handed in and checked off during band classes this week. Grade 7 and 8 students should keep their uniforms and instruments at home over the summer.

Thank you!

Just a final reminder!

Hi everyone,

Here is the planned schedule for the concert tonight. I have never done three concerts in one evening under pandemic protocols, so the times may not be exact!  I will appreciate your understanding tonight as we do our best to make it work.

What I know for sure is that the band students have worked very hard all year and they are very excited to share their music with you.

See you tonight!

*Designated doors for each class can be found on the June 9th blog post.

Tuesday Timeline

5:40:  Grade 7 students arrive 

5:55:  Grade 7 guests sign in at their designated door and enter the gym 

6:00: Grade 7 Concert begins 

6:40: Grade 8 students arrive

6:55:  Grade 8 guests sign in at their designated door and enter the gym 

7:00:  Grade 8 Concert begins 

7:30:  Jazz Band members arrive, set-up and enter the gym

7:40:  Parents of Jazz Band Members enter through the main doors, sign in and enter gym 

7:40:  Grade 9 Band students arrive, set-up instruments, and will move to the gym as soon as the Jazz Band concert is over (approximately 7:55pm)

7:45: Jazz Band Concert begins

7:55:  Grade 9 guests sign in and enter the gym

8:00:  Grade 9 concert begins 

Concert Form confirmation email

A confirmation email for the concert guest sign -up form was sent out yesterday to those who submitted the form. I have been told that it landed in some people’s spam or junk mail folders. This might be because it was sent to 164 people. Please check these folders if you registered your guests and didn’t get a message from me yesterday.

Thank you!

Final Early AM Band Rehearsal on Monday (Gr. 9 and Jazz Band)

There will be one final early morning band rehearsal (Grade 9 band and Jazz band only) on Monday morning (June 14th). Attendance is really important as we will be doing a final run-through of all of our pieces for the concert. The rehearsal will run as follows:

7:45 am: Students set up the gym

7:55-8:20 am: Grade 9 Band run-through

8:25-8:45 am: Jazz Band run-through

Grade 7’s and 8’s had their final early morning rehearsals for this year last week and will not have an early morning rehearsal next week or the following week.

Thank you for your support in ensuring that your child attended early morning and after school band rehearsals throughout the year!

All students who have “home” instruments must return them to Mrs. Peters in the band room by Friday, June 18th. Students must bring instruments, books, and music to every band class until the end of the year. We will be playing, as well as updating the instrument and book inventory, during our final classes and students need to come prepared for class until the last day.

Thank you and have a great weekend,