Sunday Update

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Band Moms; I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

It’s going to be another busy week for the EWS Band program with the grade 9 band students traveling to Amherst, Moncton, and Sackville on Wednesday and Thursday! I posted the rooming list for the hotel in the Grade 9 Google classroom yesterday, and I sent the same information to the seven grade 8 participants through their school email accounts.

I will meet with the students tomorrow morning (after O Canada) to distribute the detailed itinerary, as well as the PSB travel permission form. I will also send the itinerary to parents in an e-mail tomorrow.

Permission forms for the Grade 9 Trip must be signed and returned on Tuesday morning.

Rehearsals this week:

Tuesday, May 16th: Grade 9 early morning band (Grade 7 am band is canceled). *Permission forms to be returned.

Wednesday, May 17th: 7:00 am Grade 9 early morning band for trip participants only, and departure by motorcoach for Amherst, NS by 8:15 am. Grade 8 early am band and Jazz Band rehearsals are canceled for this week.

Thursday, May 18th: Day 2 of the Grade 9 Band Trip

Friday, May 19th: Provincial PD Day