Regular rehearsals this week

My apologies for the late post. I was involved with the grade 9 Honour Band all weekend and I forgot to send it out.

We will follow the regular early morning band schedule this week for grade 7, 8, and 9, and we will have a jazz band rehearsal on Wednesday after school (3:15-4:00).

Rehearsals this week

Tuesday, January 24: Grade 7 early AM Band (if there are no delays or cancelations tomorrow)

Wednesday, January 25: Grade 8 early AM Band and Grade 9 Honour Band rehearsal after school

Thursday, January 26: Grade 9 early AM Band

Friday, January 27: Grade 9 Honour Band weekend begins (see Google Classroom for the detailed schedule)

Rehearsals this week!

I hope that everyone is safe and warm on this icy, rainy day!

Here is the band rehearsal schedule for this week:

Tuesday, January 17th: Grade 7 early am band is canceled (I will be attending a curriculum meeting in Summerside)

Wednesday, January 18th: Grade 8 early am band and Grade 9 Honours Band after school. *Jazz Band rehearsals are canceled for this month and will resume in February after the Honours Band weekend.

Thursday, January 19th: Grade 9 early am band

Grade 8 AM Band is canceled for tomorrow

Grade 8 early morning band is canceled for tomorrow.

Students are reminded to check Google Classroom for new assignments. Students should practice Drive Time, Ghost Lights, Imperium, The Water is Wide, and Night Fury (once it is handed out in band class this week) in order to prepare for next week’s band rehearsal.

Rehearsals this week

Tuesday: Grade 7 early am Band

Wednesday: Grade 8 early am Band and Honours Band after school (no Jazz Band this week)

Thursday: Grade 9 early am Band *Grade 9 Honours Band members will travel to Birchwood by taxis at 9:00 am for the eastern area sectional day. We will return in time for regular bus pickup at the end of the day.

Students will be given new band music and new individual playing assignments this week, so they should check for details in Google Classroom 🎵

Happy New Year

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!

Please note the changes to the rehearsal schedule for this week:

Tuesday, January 3: Grade 7 am band is canceled for this week

Wednesday, January 4: Grade 8 AM band

3:15-4:15: Honours Band rehearsal (Jazz band is canceled for this week)

Thursday, January 5: Grade 9 AM band

Friday, January 6: Grade 9 Honours Band rehearsal after school (3:15-4:15)