Early AM Band Attendance

The first two early morning band rehearsals of the year (grade 8 yesterday and grade 9 today) are in the books, and both bands are starting to make some nice sounding music already. Thank you to everyone who had to set their alarm clock a little bit earlier this week!

I have entered early morning attendance for Wednesday and Thursday in PowerSchool. Please send me an e-mail of there are any corrections that should be made. Also, please review this note which is posted in the description section of the assignment:

Early morning band is marked as an assignment in PowerSchool in order to facilitate good communication and record keeping.  These marks do not directly affect a student’s band grade. Important skill development takes place at these rehearsals, however, and not attending full band practices regularly will have a negative impact on a student’s overall progress in the band program. Students made a commitment to participate in early morning rehearsals when they signed up to be in the EWS band program. Please provide an e-mail or note when students cannot attend for unavoidable reasons and I will mark these as excused absences (exempt). We miss every player who is not playing their part in the morning, so hopefully the commitment to full band rehearsals will continue to be strong throughout the year.