Band Concert on June 15th

I am very pleased to tell you that our operational plan was approved, and our concert will go ahead on Tuesday, June 15th!

I will provide more details next week, but I wanted to let you know that the performance times (as outlined in our approved plan) will be as follows:

Grade 7 Band: 6:00 pm (students arrrive and enter by 5:40 pm)

Grade 8 Band: 7:00 pm (students arrive and enter by 6:40 pm)

Jazz Band: 7:45 (Grade 8 members will already be in the gym, Grade 7 and Grade 9 Jazz Band members should plan to arrive and enter at 7:30 pm)

Grade 9 Band: 8:00 pm (students arrrive and enter by 7:40 pm)

The total number of people in the gym is limited to 150 at this time. We are allowed to have one cohort (the band students and the director) on the gym floor and two cohorts divided between the two sets of bleachers. There are 49 student in the grade 7 band, 62 in the grade 8 band, and 52 in the grade 9 band.

Based on these numbers, grade 7 students may each invite two guests. A guest sign up sheet for contact tracing will be provided next week.

Grade 8 and 9 parents will also be asked to sign up to request their guest seats in advance. Each student in grade 8 and 9 will be able to have at least one guest. If the number of requests for a second guest exceeds our allowable limit in the gym, we will come up with a fair method to assign all available seats for second guests. More details will be provided next week.

Have a fantastic weekend!