May 10th-14th Rehearsals

Please find below the band rehearsal schedule for the week of May 10th-14th:

Tuesday, May 11th: Early AM Band for Grade 7 CLARINETS only.

Wednesday, May 12th: Grade 8 Early AM Band and Jazz Band from 3:15-4:15 pm

Thursday, May 13th: Grade 9 Early AM Band

*EWS Band program application forms have been sent to Eliot River, Central Queens and Englewood. If you know of any grade 6 students who are interested in applying to be in the grade 7 band program next year, please let them know that the application form link has been e-mailed to parents by the administration at each elementary school. PDF (printable) copies of the application form are also available. The deadline for applications has been extended to Friday, May 14th.