Grade 7 Instruments

Grade 7 students will be taking home their instruments for the first time this week. Before being allowed to take the instruments home, students will watch a video on proper assembly and handling of their instrument (these videos are also posted in Google Classroom for future reference). They will also have sectional lessons with me to review instrument specific instructions in class.

It is very important that the students handle the instruments with care and review the instructions for care and assembly at home before playing. In addition to the videos, there are also detailed instructions in their red band books.

Students have been reminded that nobody else is permitted to play the school instruments that have been assigned to them, and that they should keep the instrument in the case with the latches closed when they are not practicing.

Taking the instrument home for the first time is exciting! Please ask your child to show you his or her instrument and encourage them tell you what they have learned about it so far. Any help you can provide in reinforcing with them the importance of handling the instruments with care would be greatly appreciated!