PEI Band Days Festival

The grade 8 and 9 bands will be participating in the PEI Band Days Festival at the Delta Convention Center on lower Queen Street in Charlottetown on Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 .  Full participation in this event includes performing, participating in a clinic with an adjudicator, and listening to other bands.

Students are responsible for arriving at the Delta on Wednesday ready to play, with their own instruments and music. Full uniforms, including black dress pants, dark shoes, band sweaters, and white dress shirts, are required for these performances.

All PEI Band Days performances are free and are open to the public. Parents, relatives, and friends of band students are welcome to attend. We would really appreciate having a couple of adult chaperones (one for grade 8 in the morning, and one for grade 9 in the afternoon) to help supervise the grade 8 and grade 9 students while they are at the Delta on Wednesday.  If you can help out with this, please send an email (

Grade 8 Schedule (Wednesday, March 4th: Morning)

*Grade 8 students are asked to arrange their own transportation to the Delta on Wednesday morning.  Please contact me if this is a problem and I will try to help arrange some carpooling. Students are reminded that they must bring home their own instruments and band folders after school on Tuesday. 

8:30:  All students arrive at the Delta and set-up in the designated area.

*I am planning to be there by 8:00 a.m.. If students need to be dropped off early, please let me know in advance.  Students who arrive early may join me to watch QC perform from 8:00-8:30.

9:00-9:30: Formal warm-up

9:30-10:00:  Performance

10:00-10:30:  Clinic with adjudicator

10:30-11:00: Watch Montague Grade 8-9 

11:00 am (Delta to EWS: 2 busses): Load busses at the Delta for travel back to EWS: 

11:30:  Arrive at EWS

Grade 8’s will have lunch and return to regular classes for the afternoon.

Grade 9 Schedule (Wednesday, March 4th: Afternoon)

11:45-12:15:  Grade 9 run-through in the band room at EWS

12:30 (EWS to Delta: 1 bus):  Load bus at EWS for travel to the Delta

1:00-1:30:  Arrive at the Delta and set up in designated area

1:30-2:00:  Formal warm-up

2:00-2:30:  Performance

2:30-3:00:  Clinic with adjudicator

3:00-3:30:  Watch Stonepark 

3:30-4:00:  Watch Birchwood 

Parents are asked to please make arrangements to pick students up at the Delta by 4:15 p.m.