East Wiltshire Band Program Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Cookie dough fundraisers have been very successful at East Wiltshire in the past.  This year we are selling a new product. English Bay Gourmet Cookie Dough offers award winning Canadian-made cookie dough in 6 gourmet flavours!

This year we will be running a two week cookie dough campaign beginning on Thursday, September 26th and closing on Thursday, October 10th.

*Friends and family are asked to to bring their own reusable bags on pick up day as they do not come in boxes.

The English Bay Cookie Dough orders will be delivered on November 14th, just in time for the holiday baking season. 


With English Bay Batter you get tasty cookies, but with much less work and without the mess of baking from scratch. Simply scoop the dough from the pail to make as many cookies as you would like, then freeze or refrigerate the rest for next time. The cookie dough can be stored in the freezer for one year, in the refrigerator for 90 days and can be thawed and refrozen until all the dough is used.

FLAVOURS AVAILABLE (Each pail  makes approximately 96 14 g cookies)

Chocolate Chip


Oatmeal Raisin

Double Chocolate

White Chocolate Macadamia

Toffee Supreme

COST – $20.00 per pail for the gourmet flavours.  


All profits from this fundraiser will be shared equally among participants, and will go toward the cost of extra-curricular activities and band field trips at the grade 7, 8, and 9 levels. Band field trips are getting more expensive each year, and it is our hope that this campaign will help to ensure that all students have an opportunity to participate in all special events.  Some parents prefer to make an equivalent cash donation, and such donations are welcome as well.

In past years, band students have been able to fund raise over $4000 for the band program during this short campaign.  Each student is asked to set a personal goal of selling 4 tubs or boxes in order to help us to achieve this year’s goal. 

Order sheets will be distributed to all band students today. Please fill them out and return them to Mrs. Peters with payment no later than Thursday, October 10th, 2019.  Cash and cheques made out to East Wiltshire Intermediate School will be accepted.  Please return order forms and payment in an envelope or zip-lock bag clearly labeled with the students’ name and class.

  • Please note that  we are unable to store frozen products at the school so any product that is not picked up will be donated. If your family or friends place orders, you are responsible for pickup of the product at East Wiltshire.