Early Morning Band

Early morning band rehearsals begin this week! The school doors will be open by 7:35 a.m. and students are asked to arrive early enough to visit lockers and assemble instruments prior to the beginning of the band rehearsal.

Attendance will be taken and entered in SAS at the beginning of each early morning band practice.  You will see these assignment in SAS (ex: 9 Band Sept. 17). Please note that attendance marks are FORMATIVE which means that they will not directly affect the students’ band marks. Students who are unable to attend for any reason are asked to please let me know so that the correct code (absent, excused, late, etc.) can be entered. If you are sending a homeroom teacher an email about an absence on an early morning band day please copy me as well (ampeters@edu.pe.ca). Band rehearsals are a very important component of the band curriculum so unexcused absences will be addressed. 

Thank you for your support!

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